(English follows)
10M以下 →0%
10M〜20M →0.8%
20M〜30M →1.1%
30M〜40M →1.5%
40M〜50M →2.2%
50M〜 3%
【運営者代表 (Main Operator)】
hix-Cardano_SPO @hix_coffeepool

[About Coffee Pool]
Coffee Pool is newly established staking pool. We are one of the Cardano enthusiasts motivated to accelerate decentralization of Cardano blockchain.
As a small SaaS(Staking As A Service) business, we offer you…
-A stable staking experience with AWS cloud server.
-Minimum range staking fee (fixed:340 ada)
-we set variable fees depending on total delegation as follows:
under 10M →0%
10M〜20M →0.8%
20M〜30M →1.1%
30M〜40M →1.5%
40M〜50M →2.2%
50M〜 3%
(M=1million delegates)
-Providing high quality updates of Cardano and Cryptocurrency industries by an experienced journalist.
[Head Operator information] hix-Cardano_SPO
A Japanese freelance writer and editor. After working for Japanese major publishers, interviewed numbers of investors and ICO projects in cryptocurrency industries. Throughout writing work, we believe that Cardano project would bring the difference. Thanks for the Japanese SPO Guild, we establish COFFE stake pool on Jan 2021.