Welcome to “the Third-wave” of Blockchain☕️

Coffee Pool☕️ [COFFE] is a Cardano staking pool established in Jan 2021. We are Cardano enthusiasts motivated to accelerate decentralization of Cardano blockchain.

Coffee industry was known as its oligopolistic nature for a few companies dominated its supply-chains. However, recent “third-wave” movement in coffee industry changes its feature. Individual coffee roasteries are now independently searching high-quality coffee producers from Africa to south east Asia, and the producers aware that their the quality matters their revenues. The third-wave movement, the decentralization of coffee production, is changing whole nature of current coffee industry.

Likewise, we have been experiencing “decentralization movement” in modern financial system with Bitcoin, the first blockchain-based digital currency. However, its Proof of Work system has consequently led oligopolistic feature of blockchain industry.

Cardano is now becoming “the third-wave” movement in blockchain industry.

Cardano has been developing the strong enthusiastic towards decentralization. The block production is now mostly owned by hundreds of individual StakePool Operators, who are voluntary operates their pool without been a member of any authorities!

In recent “Proof of Stake” movement, we experienced “centralization of block production” by a few of huge staking companies in major blockchains.

In contrast, Cardano let EVERYONE join its block production with Ouroboros Proof of Stake consensus.
You can individually choose any StakePool Operator to “delegate” your production power in order to make Cardano much safer and reliable rather than let big company do whatever they want!

The “third wave” movement in coffee industry was brought by the small individual companies picking high-quality-beans from small but great coffee farms.

Cardano is decentralizing the blockchain industry by small StakePool Operators.

You can be the one to promote “the third-wave” of blockchain industry!

You have coffee, we brew ADA☕️

How CoffeePool☕️ works?

A stable staking experience build with cloud servers
-Operated with 3 Relay-Nodes, build with world-scale cloud servers. We minimize physical and technical risks for stable staking service.

Years of Experience in Stake Pool Operation
Since We have operated stake pool since Jan. 2020, and produced more than 3000 blocks. Staking with CoffeePool☕️ can assist your stable staking income.

Minimum range staking fee
fixed ₳340 and minimum range of Margin Policy.fixed ₳340 and minimum range of Progressive-Margin Policy.
Progressive-margin is our ORIGINAL decentralizing fee policy. In Cardano community, block productions are tend to be centralized to “minimum fee, multiple SPO,” that minimize their margin and build tens of Stake Pool Nodes.
Minimizing fee looks very nice in terms of revenue, however, this would lead more centralization of block production in Cardano blockchain.

10M> →0%
10M〜20M →0.8%
20M〜30M →1.1%
30M〜40M →1.5%
40M〜50M →2.2%
50M〜 3%

If the margin increase in terms of their delegation, holders may think of other small-stake-low-margin pool rather than big-stake-high-margin pool.
Consequently, SPO will push their quality of operation more valuable than increasing margin.
We can reduce the risk of centralization with stop creating hundreds of “0 fee multiple pools” with thoughtful operations and delegations. Also, we can give better chance to small single pool operators.

You can find us with “COFFE” or “Coffee Pool” in Daedalus or Yoroi Wallet.

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This website is operated for informative purpose to Cardano holders (not for non-holders). We do not advise/persuade investing particular assets. Cryptocurrencies is one of the highest risk investment. Please invest to them ONLY by your own will.

Your delegation matters! 😊☕️
●You can delegate to CoffeePool☕️ by just copy&paste our Ticker or Poolid to your wallet’s stakingpool search engine.


[Head Operator information]
A Japanese freelance writer and editor. After working for Japanese major publishers, interviewed numbers of investors and ICO projects in cryptocurrency industries. Throughout writing work, we believe that Cardano project would bring the difference. Thanks to the Japanese SPO Guild, COFFE has been established since Jan 2021.
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